Radio Silence

I know that I have never really been good at updating this blog in a proper/timely manner.  This is something that those of you genuinely interested in what I have to say have likely noticed. I tend to deem these extended periods of time “Radio Silence,” despite the mixing of medium metaphors. Honestly, I’m not happy with these periods, would very much like them to stop, and therefore be more prompt with my writings/blogging. Whether it’s a blog published elsewhere on the web or just a general update on my work and progress, there really is no reason I cannot post more frequently… besides willing myself to get up off my ass (or sit down on it, I suppose) and actually do so.

And aside from my extended blogging in 2017 for, I have not been all that productive. I’ll spare you the laundry list of lame excuses and understandable reasons. Except one…

Genre writers and storytellers are sponges.  What I mean by that is, we see the world around us, absorb it, filter it, then spit it back out as something new we can call our own.  When things are bad, we create dystopian dramas with unlikely underdogs fighting back against oppressive regimes. When things are good, we create fantastic adventures through space and time, boldly creating and discovering new wonders throughout the universe.

To put it mildly, the state of the world around us right now… isn’t good. Absorbing and viewing in the swirling garbage around us, for me personally, makes it more difficult to feel creative. But you don’t really need to hear about my general malaise at the current state of our political, social, and natural environments. You’ve seen it. You know what is happening. I’m sure you are sick of it too, and wish for some big changes.

So I blocked it all out.

I have always been hesitant to post any social or political views here. I also try to avoid it on Twitter and Facebook aside from the occasional share/retweet which, let’s be honest, is the political equivalent of saying “Yes, I agree with you, but I’m gonna do it from behind this shrubbery where the bad guys can’t see me.”

I think that needs to change.

I know many readers prefer not to have a writer’s political/social views shoved down their throats. But no matter what you are reading, chances are that is exactly what is happening whether you realize it or not. I think it would be impossible for a writer not to include at least a little of their personal beliefs in their works. Whether it is intended is another matter entirely.

Where was I going with this long ramble?  Oh… right… Basically, I need to not be afraid to state my mind. Share my opinions, even if some people may find them unpopular. I think guarding my opinions so closely has been stifling my creativity in a way, because I didn’t want to anger the limited readership I have gained because of a differing opinion.
I think that is all I wanted to say for right now. Hopefully, this will be the first of many new blogs for 2018.
Thanks for stopping by,

San Diego Comic Con 2017 Survival Guide


There are a series of articles currently on (written by myself) with helpful tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your SDCC Experience!  Check them out below!

SDCC Survival Guide Part 1: Pre-Show Planning

SDCC Survival Guide Part 2: Advice, Tips, & Tricks

SDCC Survival Guide Part 3: Keeping Updated on News

Enjoy and hope to see you on the convention floor!


Post Con Season Update

I always have considered July to be my convention season here in SoCal. That the start of the month you get Anime Expo, which is usually a lot of fun. Though this year it did seem a bit more… boobie that previous years.  As in there were large animated breasts most everywhere.  One or two booths were straight-up porn-a-fied, closed off to prying eyes and where you had to show identification just to get inside.  While some other booths had no qualms about just handing out hentai pamphlets and samples to whomever walked by as long as you were obviously an adult. I don’t recall either of those things being the case in prior years, but maybe I’m wrong. Aside form that, this year’s show was pretty standard.  I attended a panel or two, and did an interview you may see over on Anime Diet at some point.

I also checked out the new game, Superfight. This is the best new party game I have played in a very long time. Where else can you have a dolphin with a venomous bite and tiny t-rex arms battle to the death with a legless Mike Tyson who spits acid?  Nowhere, that’s where.  If you get a chance head over to their site and check it out.  Gonna be doing an article on them for Anime Diet in the near future as well.

After Anime Expo, one to two weeks later comes San Diego, the granddaddy of nerd gatherings. This year, instead of stressed-out fun the entire time, I went with my day job and peddled our wares.  So most of the show was work, but I still got to do some fun things while down there.  Collected a few sketches, shook some hands, bought some cool stuff, shared an elevator with Stan Lee – you know, the usual stuff.

Anyone else do the con thing this year?  If so, what did you see?  Even if you did not go, what was your favorite thing  that came out of the show this year (cool announcement or trailer or whatever)?

Till next time,


What’s in a name?

Recently, I’ve been having an internal debate with myself on a very particular question.  One that is somewhat important when it comes to my writing, and with that my public/social network persona.  It has to be a question many writers ask themselves at some point when preparing for their career.

Should I write under a pseudonym?

It’s a valid question, and deciding whether or not to use a nom de plume is not as easy a decision as you might think.  You have to take a lot of factors into account.  First off is, how much do you like your real name?  Is it easy to pronounce and/or spell?  Does your name fit the genre you write?  Do you share a name with someone who is already published? Do you want your real name bouncing around out there in the social cyberspace?

These are just a few of the things I’ve thought about in the time before the book is picked up by a publisher. There are a slew of other questions to take into account when you finally do reach the stage of being published.  Where will your book be shelved at the local bookstore?  Toward the top shelf?  At the bottom shelf?  What other authors will be surrounding your book?  Do you plan on writing in multiple genres?

Personally, I’ve never much cared for my last name. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to be part of the family I’m in, and I am proud of my heritage.  But after going through years of butchering mispronunciations from nearly everyone I meet (Cam-pez… Cam-pasi… Cam-pies…etc.) it becomes a little grating.

So would I be better suited using a name that rolls off the tongue easily?  Maybe one that is more memorable?  Or shorter?

No decisions yet, but something to think about.

– DC