Calm Seas – Available to Read for Free!


Gallevarbe, Crossing the Veil, by Greg Titus and Tony Feliciano.

Click the image above to read my newest short story, Calm Seas, for free! 

Published by Sideshow Collectibles and The Court of the Dead, Calm Seas tells the tale of a band of pirates, stranded on the high seas and questioning their sanity as sailors begin to disappear one by one…

Take a look and let me know what you think. If you enjoy it, please share and be sure to check out the other amazing stories available from The Court of the Dead!

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Calm Seas: A Tale from The Court of the Dead

Here is the big news!  Sideshow Collectibles and The Court of the Dead have published my new short story, Calm Seas.  Set in the universe of the Court, Calm Seas tells the tale of a band of pirates, stranded on the high seas and questioning their sanity as sailors begin to disappear one by one…

CalmSeas Image

Click here to read it for free at The Court of the Dead website right now.

Afterward, let me know what you think! I’d love to hear your feedback. If you like the story, be sure to share it on your favorite social media channel of choice.


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Sometimes you just need a little push to get going. Be it writing a book, running a marathon, or even just to feel good about yourself. You can do it. This octopus believes in you, and so do I.

I just got notified that if you purchased a copy of The Rogue’s Gallery directly from Kaphua Press, they will start shipping on Monday. Thank you so much for your patience everyone! I hope you enjoy the story.

Image taken from N.K. Jemisin’s awesome twitter account. You should follow her by the way:

November has come.

And as imagination bodies forth
The forms of things unknown, the poet’s pen
Turns them to shapes and gives to airy nothing
A local habitation and a name.

William Shakespeare (A Midsummer Night’s Dream)

As I worked on this new blog today, the first thing I noticed as I picked my title and chose my theme, was the above quote.  No accident, as it was no doubt specifically chosen by the theme’s designer or WordPress to entice the blogger to using this particular theme.  Well, it immediately caught my eye, so mission accomplished. I have a weakness for the idea of imagination. It’s been a driving force in my life since my brain could grasp the very concept.

I’m no stranger to starting blogs. In fact, I’ve made enough of them to start my own personal blogosphere.  A web of multiple blogs, each unique in it’s own universe drastically different than the previous one, all awaiting the inevitable crisis looming to condense them into one all encompassing web journal.

That crisis happened at the start of the year when I created a new account on the Ghost blogging platform.  I liked Ghost, I really did.  However, I could not justify cost of using Ghost when there were free options available. So I wandered the world wide web for a few months after my trial account lapsed, periodically checking back to blogger, blog, and LiveJournal to see which would be the best substitute.  None made the cut.

So here we are at WordPress and the fantastic quote above.  This will be the new, and final blog.  I have included a few of the Ghost blogs posts here as well, including the first ones with my goals for this year.  Let’s revisit that, since 2014 is finally wrapping up.  (Thank God, by the way for that.  It’s been a terrible year overall.)

  • Goal #1 – Editing Book #1. This was more or less accomplished.  The 2nd draft was completed before April and sent to Beta Readers.  Most of the feedback has been generally very good, with good critique on things that need some fixing.  Still waiting for a few more people to finish reading and feedback.  After Nanowrimo this year, December will be dedicated to correcting and changing the third draft, and then submissions
  • Goal #2 – Finishing Book #2 prior to November. This did not happen. No one to blame but myself.  I could say the reason was I was so focused on getting book #1 done and out, but that’s more an excuse than anything, and not a very good one.  I’m currently working to complete this project for this years NANOWRIMO (which started yesterday).
  • Goal #3 – Short Stories.  I’ve had lots of ideas, but no submissions yet.  Two stories are ready to be submitted, and someone pointed me to a website called The Submission Grinder, which looks to be an amazing new resource.
  • Goal #4 – Read More. I’ve definitely been reading more, but I have not finished any new novels this year, I’m sad to say.  But the year ain’t over yet.
  • Goal #5 – Blogging.  See above.

So here we are again, at another NANOWRIMO.  The goal this year is get book #2 done.  After that, we can get back on some of these other goals.  In fact, I better get cracking.

Till next week,


Soundtrack today was November Has Come by Gorillaz.