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Sometimes you just need a little push to get going. Be it writing a book, running a marathon, or even just to feel good about yourself. You can do it. This octopus believes in you, and so do I.

I just got notified that if you purchased a copy of The Rogue’s Gallery directly from Kaphua Press, they will start shipping on Monday. Thank you so much for your patience everyone! I hope you enjoy the story.

Image taken from N.K. Jemisin’s awesome twitter account. You should follow her by the way:

The Rogue’s Gallery


So here is some BIG NEWS!  I’m very excited to announce that you can now read my first published short story, It Matters How This Ends, in the new Fantasy Anthology, The Rogue’s Gallery!

Paperback Copies available at the Kapuha Press Store here!
The Rogue's Gallery

Or you can buy and read it right now on Kindle eBook!

Please help support this fantastic book and the great team of writers and editors who put it all together! Enjoy!