Calm Seas: A Tale from The Court of the Dead

Here is the big news!  Sideshow Collectibles and The Court of the Dead have published my new short story, Calm Seas.  Set in the universe of the Court, Calm Seas tells the tale of a band of pirates, stranded on the high seas and questioning their sanity as sailors begin to disappear one by one…

CalmSeas Image

Click here to read it for free at The Court of the Dead website right now.

Afterward, let me know what you think! I’d love to hear your feedback. If you like the story, be sure to share it on your favorite social media channel of choice.


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The Evolution of the StormTrooper.

Happy holidays everyone! I hope you got a chance to go out and see The Last Jedi.  It was pretty great!


Here is my latest series chronicling the history of the Star Wars Stormtrooper from the Clone Army to The First Order.  Check them out below!

The Clone Army

The Galactic Empire

The First Order

Have a happy and safe New Year!


New Blog Posts! Mermaids! Marvel! New York City!


In New York for the Comic-Con? Want to see some cool Marvel inspired sights while there? Check out newest article!


Also, mermaids abound over at Sideshow Collectible’s blog. Want to learn more? Click here for ANOTHER cool new article from me.