Terror at 762 Millimeters

Just a quick update as I promised I would do this every week, however I’m late because I wasn’t sure what to write about. It was just more of the same this week. Editing the novel, and pulling out the excess words bit by bit. Other than that, I didn’t have much to talk about. That is… until last night.

Yesterday had been fun and productive. After a long day at Starbucks editing and making good progress on my second draft, I headed home. Little did I know, I had forgotten to buckle my laptop bag. So once I got home and took the bag out of the back seat of my car, out tumbled my laptop, falling at least two and half feet and crashing to the hard concrete driveway. My heart sank into my feet. Oh no…

Now I am meticulous about backing up my files, because you never know when catastrophe will strike. However, I had not yet backed up yesterday’s hours of toil and work. I quickly bent down, wishing that what just had happened was all just a bad hallucination, grabbed the computer and ran inside the house.

I took it out of its zipper case, opened the clam shell and hit the power button. Oh my god, please work… please work. A shot of relief came over me when the Windows logo popped on the screen. It still worked, and I immediately grabbed my usb drive to back up everything I could. It was at this point I noticed the gaping hole in the casing on the lower right corner, by the usb port. Shit!

A whole chunk had broken off. It looked pretty bad, but it didn’t seem to be affecting how my laptop ran, and it began backing up everything without issue. Sigh… Lucky. After it finished backing up, I found the missing chunk of casing inside the zipper case and did my best to tape it back into place. Thank you, Gorilla Tape.

So the moral of the story, folks? Backup often, and be sure to buckle your damn laptop bag.

(Originally posted on Ghost – January 28th, 2014.)

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