Goal Progress​ Report: May 26th – June 1st

A day late on this… Sorry. I forgot to make it yesterday.

Goal Categories


Activity Weekly Goal This Week
Steps Taken 63000 steps 49412 steps
Exercise Days 5 days 5 days
Exercise Duration 3.5 Hours 3 hours

Summary: Still not quite at the goals set for steps and duration, but a vast improvement over the last week. 🙂


Activity Weekly Goal This Week
Water 448 oz 360 oz
Vegetable Servings 40 servings 20 servings
Meatless Days 3 days 1 day

Summary: Again, not quite there yet, but again big improvements in veggies eaten and water consumed. Baby steps?


Activity Weekly Goal This Week
Sleep 50 hours 41.5 hours
Dedicated No Screen Time 7 hours Not Tracked
Writing Time 7 hours 0
Productivity 10 hours 5 hours
Blogs Published 4 posts 0
Daily Tracking 7 posts 7

Summary: So while the other two categories had some gains, this one still is hurting a bit. Again, I did not track (and flat out did not do) the planned “No Screen Before Bed” goal. Also, I spent zero time writing anything new, but I did spend some time editing and reading my current works.  No blogs published… again despite the drafts sitting here in WordPress. Also, my Japanese lessons have really fallen to the wayside. Ugh…

Weekly Summary: 

So we have some wins in a few departments, but not so much in others.  I really need to get on track with the quality of life goals.

Bummer… I really wanted to hit most of these landmarks this week. Still, I can’t beat myself up. I need to keep pushing myself and keep moving forward.

Weekly GIF: 

Baby Steps…

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