Goal Progress​ Report – Week 5/19 – 5/25

Goal Categories


Activity Weekly Goal This Week
Steps Taken 63000 steps 40492 steps
Exercise Days 5 days 2 days
Exercise Duration 3.5 Hours 1 hour

Summary: I have to give myself a little leeway here as I was sick for most of the week and spent a few days in bed trying to rest. The days I did exercise (Thursday and Friday) were great, and I also exceeded my daily step goal both those days.  So that’s something.


Activity Weekly Goal This Week
Water 448 oz Not Tracked
Vegetable Servings 40 servings 8 servings
Meatless Days 3 days 1 day

Summary: I’m shocked by how low that vegetable number is, and because of that I’m going to add a veggie serving counter to my daily meal tracking going forward. Also going to start using the Fitbit app to track my water intake.


Activity Weekly Goal This Week
Sleep 50 hours 40 hours
Dedicated No Screen Time 7 hours Not Tracked
Writing Time 7 hours 1 hours
Productivity/Personal Growth 10 hours 3 hours
Blogs Published 4 posts 1 posts
Daily Tracking 7 posts 7 posts

Summary: Ah sleep, my old nemesis. We meet again. Despite being sick and in bed for a couple days, I managed to not hit my sleep goal.  WTF…

Writing, Productivity, and Blog Posts also suffered. Sad, because these three categories can all count toward the same goal. If I write for an hour on a blog, and then post said blog, I get credit in all three.

I do have three blog ideas currently started and saved in my drafts though.

Also, the “no screen time” just did not happen this week at all. This really sucks because I want this time to read, relax, meditate and other activities that encourage personal growth rather than tapping things with my thumbs.

Weekly Summary: 

So… in hindsight, maybe starting this weekly post on a week I was super sick wasn’t the best idea, but this still gives a lot of good/real eye-opening information. The only goal I hit this week was my daily tracking.

Even with tracking daily, and being sick, I was really surprised how few servings of vegetables I had been eating. Also, my creative productivity/writing needs to drastically improve.

Weekly GIF:

Yeah, this whole week gets a big thumbs down… Gotta do better next week.

thumbs down.gif

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