Daily Tracking: May 18th, 2019

Wake Up: 9:45am
Hours Asleep: 6 hours
I Felt: Exhausted

Breakfast: 10:30am
Food 1: 3 Scrambled Eggs
Food 2: 3 Vegan Bacon Slices
Food 3: 2 Corn Tortillas
Food 4: Guacamole 

Lunch: 1:30pm
Food 1: Vegan Carnitas Burrito

Afternoon Snack: 3:00pm
Food: Chips and Salsa

Evening Snack: 6:00pm
Food: 1 Hot Dog

Dinner: 7:00pm
Food 1: 3 smoked ribs
Food 2: 2 Chicken Legs
Food 3: 1 Corn on the cob
Food 4: Small bag of Cheetos
Food 5: A piece of water melon

Something Nice That I Did For Myself Today: It was a fun day. First, we went to the Super Adoption to see all the rescue dogs. After that, I spent the rest of the day at a friends house for games and bbq. 

Something I’m Thankful For:  My allergies have been going crazy today… so I’m thankful for allergy medicine. 

End Of Day Mood in GIF:

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