Daily Tracking: April 21st, 2019

Wow, that was a great party last night. Congrats to the bride and groom! Wishing you both many years of happiness and lots of love.

Today is Easter, and it’s gonna be another busy travel day. That’s said, gonna do my best to stay on target.

Wake Up: 9:00am
I Felt: Horrible, with a massive headache. I don’t drink, so it wasn’t a hangover from the night before.

Breakfast: 10:00am
Food 1: Eggs Benedict
Food 2: Cottage Cheese
Food 3: Fruit

Lunch: 12:30pm
Food 1: 1 bowl Menudo
Food 2: 1 Street Taco
Food 3: Tortilla Chips & salsa

Dinner: 8:30pm
Food 1: Chicken Sandwich
Food 2: Ritz Crackers

Productivity/Self Improvement
Activity: Freelance Blog Writing
Time: 7:00pm
Duration: 30 minutes

Activity: More Freelance Blog Writing
Time: 10:00pm
Duration: 1 hour

Something Nice That I Did For Myself Today: Went to the movies. We saw Shazam and it was a lot of fun.

Something I’m Thankful For: Being home.

End Of Day Mood in GIF:


Happy Easter Everyone.

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