Daily Tracking: April 18th, 2019

Wake Up: 5:30am
Hours Asleep: I honestly don’t know. I didn’t wear my tracker last night as it needed to charge. I accidentally fell asleep around 8:30pm, but woke up a bit around 2:30am because the dog pee’d in the hallway. Still, it had to have been about 7 to 8 hours.
I Felt: remarkably well rested.

Breakfast: 6:50
Food 1: 3 Eggs scrambled w/ lite butter
Food 2: 2 Morning Star sausage patties
Food 3: 1 whole wheat toast and almond milk flat white

Morning Snack: 10:30
Food: 1oz pistachios

Lunch: 12:00pm
Food 1: Thai Curry Bowl w/ rice and veggies
Food 2: Cup of vegan Tom Kai soup
Food 3: Roasted cauliflower and Chinese broccoli.
Food 4: Stir-fried Tofu cubes

Dinner: 6:20pm
Food 1: Impossible Burger
Food 2: Steak Fries
Food 3: Iced Sugar-free flat white w/ almond milk

Exercise: 12:30pm
Workout type: Brisk Walk
Duration: 30 minutes (1.6 miles)
Mood: Good

Productivity/Self Improvement
Activity: Wrote some freelance blogs
Time: 10:00pm
Duration: Still at it actually. No sleep tonight!

Something Nice That I Did For Myself: Went out to eat with the woman I love.

Something I’m Thankful For: All the great people who work at the vegan cafeteria at my job. Also, the fact we have a vegan cafeteria at all.

End Of Day Mood in GIF:

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